- removed empty "Libraries" category
- removed empty "API" category
- added new fancy download tables for a much better user experience ;)
- added download descriptions
- added latest Game Maker Studio provided by YoYoGames
- added latest Game Maker Studio Early Access provided by YoYoGames
- removed download spoilers
- removed all "Game Maker:HTML5 Setup" Downloads
- removed all "Game Maker Educational" version Downloads

- added public download counters for every download on
- added spoilers

- added GameMaker:HTML5 Release Notes
- added GM:Studio Release Notes (old!)

New categories:
- Extensions
- Libraries

New downloads:
- 47 new dynamic link libraries
- 1 new extension

Added 33 old Game Maker versions, 17 educational versions and the complete collection of Game Maker:HTML5 (22 so far).
Created the new category "Archive" and fixed the download of Game Maker 8.1.141.
Uploaded the changelog from Game Maker 4.2 to Game Maker 6.1, Game Maker 8 and Game Maker 7.5 for Mac.

[16.11.12] was completely redesigned! Enjoy your stay!

Added 20 new source codes, 1 new dynamic link library, 1 new tool and 2 Game Maker versions.
Created the new category "Full Games" and uploaded 4 full games.

Added 35 new documents under the new category "Documents".

Added 3 new dynamic link libraries, 3 tools, 4 old Game Maker versions, 7 source codes and renamed "Examples" to "Source Codes".

Added 34 new dynamic link libraries and 3 tools!

[20.05.12] is now online (with awesome stuff!).